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5/9: Spend Clean Water Legacy Funds on Clean Water, Not Overhead!


In 2008, Minnesotans voted in favor of a constitutional provision to reserve Legacy funds (sales tax monies) for clean water, parks, habitat, and the arts. Now, despite, this, the MN Legislature is seeking to divert constitutionally-dedicated Clean WaterFund to pay for administrative expenses for local Soil and Water Conservation District that should be paid out of general revenues. The result is $22 million in water protections and clean-up projects over the next two years that will not be fulfilled.


For more information, check out this article from the Star Tribune .


Tell Governor Dayton: Please do not be a party to breaking faith with Minnesota voters. VETO legislation that diverts constitutionally-dedicated Clean Water Fund dollars from water protection and clean-up and uses them to pay for overhead expenses.


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