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5/5: Protect Rare and Sensitive Ecosystems!


Calcareous fens are a unique type of wetland and one of Minnesota's rarest and most vulnerable ecosystems. They support a uniquely large number of rare and threatened plant species, including several species that only live in calcareous fens. Calcareous fens are fed by groundwater. When their groundwater is disrupted, the native plants become stressed and aggressive invasive species move in to push them out. It is virtually impossible to restore the native ecosystem once this happens. Now, the MN Legislature wants to require the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to approve permits for activities that reduce groundwater supply to calcareous fens.


For more information, visit the DNR's fact sheet on calcareous fens


Tell Governor Dayton: Protect our state's rarest and most vulnerable ecosystem from irreparable loss. VETO legislation that eliminates protections for calcareous fens.


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