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5/3: Put Citizen Rights Before Mining Companies!


“Contested case” hearings provide a low-cost forum for citizens to provide evidence and testimony to regulators before a mining permit is issued. Now, for mining permits only, the MN Legislature seeks to deny majority of affected citizens the right to a contested case hearing.


For more information, please read this testimony from the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA).


Tell Governor Dayton: The rights of citizens affected by mining should come before the profits of mining companies. Please VETO legislation that restricts the right to contested case hearings for mining permits.


Contact Governor Dayton NOW by:


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Why This Matters
In this video from Water Action Day, Matt Norton of Save the Boundary Waters and Paula Maccabee of Water Legacy describe the devastating impacts that sulfide mining will have on the 3 major watershed of Minnesota and the terrible bills that the 2017 Minnesota Legislature is passing to give unfettered power to the mining interests and to lock citizens out of the environmental review process.
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