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The call to #KeepMNClean extends to both our environment and our politics. Sadly, during the 2017 session, the MN legislature failed on both fronts, passing bills with little to no public notice or opportunity for comments, often in the middle of the night. These bills betray the expectations of Minnesotans that our air, water, habitats, wildlife, and health be put ahead of handouts and loopholes for powerful corporate interests. While many of the bad provisions in the first Environment & Natural Resources Finance Bill were improved after Governor Dayton's first veto, too many remain in second bill, including:

These are just some of the bad provisions. That's why Minnesota's leading environmental and conservation non-profits are collectively calling on Governor Dayton to veto the Environment & Natural Resources Finance Bill again. For more information, including a full list of problems with the bill, please read their veto letter to the Governor.


Tell Governor Dayton: Thank you for standing strong on protecting MN's environment. Please VETO the Environment and Natural Resources Finance Bill again--make them fix it to put Minnesotans ahead of corporate polluters.


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