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The call to #KeepMNClean extends to both our environment and our politics. Sadly, during the 2017 session, the MN legislature failed on both fronts, passing bills with little to no public notice or opportunity for comments, often in the middle of the night. These bills betray the expectations of Minnesotans that our air, water, habitats, wildlife, and health be put ahead of handouts and loopholes for powerful corporate interests. [READ MORE]

5/19: Don't Put Polluters in Charge of Preparing Their Own Environmental Impact Statements!


The MN legislature wants to allow polluters to pay to prepare their own draft environmental impact statements (EIS). While underlying EIS data is currently publicly accessible under the Data Practices Act, this would not be the case if the EIS is prepared by a private regulated entity This provision not only puts the fox in charge of the hen house, but it also pulls shut and locks the hen house doors and shutters. [READ MORE]

5/17: Protect MN's Waters from Tar Sand Oil Spills!


The MN legislature wants to exempt gas and oil pipelines from regulatory requirements, including demonstration of need and environmental review of alternative routes. This legislation would clear the way for Enbridge to build the Line 3 pipeline replacement along their preferred route, which endangers the headwaters of the Mississippi River and traverses Native American treaty land where wild rice is harvested. [READ MORE]

5/16: Fully Fund Forever Green!


The MN legislature has yet to pass legislation this session to fully fund the University of Minnesota's Forever Green Initiative. Forever Green aims to simultaneously bolster MN's agricultural economy AND reduce nonpoint source pollution and habitat loss related to high-intensity annual cropping systems. [READ MORE]

5/15: Don't Weaken Local Control!


House File 330, the bill weakening local control, passed the Minnesota Legislature and is now on Governor Mark Dayton's desk. He must decide whether to sign the bill by midnight, Monday, May 15. [READ MORE]

5/12: Save Minnesota's Ecological Jewels!


The Minnesota legislature wants to eliminate funding for projects to acquire, restore, and engage citizens around Scientific and Natural Area (SNAs). These ecological "crown jewels" are among Minnesota’s most precious natural resources. [READ MORE]

5/11: Veto! Veto! Veto!


Tell Governor Dayton he has your support to veto bills that gut our investments in clean water, rollback our environmental protections, hamstring our agencies, and give favors to corporate polluters.  [READ MORE]

5/10: MN's Natural Resources Should Not Be a Tool for Ideological Partisanship!


The MN Legislature is scrapping proposed projects to help maintain Minnesota's environment and natural resources if they have any connection to global warming, renewable energy, non-game wildlife, or public land acquisition.  [READ MORE]

5/9: Spend Clean Water Legacy Funds on Clean Water, Not Overhead!


The MN Legislature is seeking to divert constitutionally-dedicated Clean WaterFund to pay for administrative expenses that should be paid out of general revenues. The result is $22 million in water protections and clean-up projects over the next two years that will not be fulfilled.  [READ MORE]

5/8: Don't Substitute Legacy Funds for Property Tax Payments!


The MN Legislature is trying to substitute these constitutionally dedicated funds for other purposes. One such attempt by the Legislature is to use Legacy funds in place of the state's "payment in lieu of taxes" program to pay for property taxes on any acquired lands.  [READ MORE]

5/5: Protect Rare and Sensitive Ecosystems!


The MN Legislature wants to require the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to approve permits for activities that reduce groundwater supply to calcareous fens, one of Minnesota's rarest and most vulnerable ecosystems [READ MORE]

5/4: Get the Lead Out!


The MN Legislature wants to prevent the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from regulating lead shot for hunting. [READ MORE]

5/3: Put Citizen Rights Before Mining Companies!


The MN Legislature seeks to deny majority of affected citizens the right to a contested case hearing for mining permits. [READ MORE]

5/2: Reject Clean Water Exemptions for Municipal Polluters! 


The Minnesota Legislature wants to exempt cities that build public water treatment facilities from having to make technological updates to comply with clean water standards for 16 years. [READ MORE]

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